"I had been dealing with ongoing shoulder pain for over two years. The pain was a nagging issue that impacted my sleep and restricted the range the range of motion in my right arm. I had tried a number of remedies to resolve the issue that included both cortisone shots and ongoing exercise but neither of these methods solved the problem. I became aware of  “LASER PAIN RELIEF SARASOTA” and their Class IV Laser treatments from a friend who had been experiencing similar issues with his shoulder. I signed up for ten laser treatments, and over a period of three weeks completed the protocol. The visits were brief, painless, and efficiently managed. The results were very successful and the pain was reduced significantly. As a result I no longer have any issues sleeping, my range of motion is completely freed up, and I don't live with that nagging pain any longer. I would highly recommend this treatment to anyone who may be experiencing ongoing pain issues.“     John

“After suffering for several weeks with a shoulder injury that I had originally incurred while working out, I was made aware of LASER PAIN RELIEF. Little did I realize that this would be one of the better decisions I’ve made in the recent past. At the start I received a thorough explanation of how the laser therapy would be employed to address my specific injury. The injury itself had greatly limited my range of motion, making it very difficult to raise my arm above shoulder level. Moreover, I was having great difficulty getting a restful night’s sleep. After a series of treatments at LASER PAIN RELIEF, I am happy to report that I have regained full range of motion and am enjoying a restful night's sleep each and every night. There is no doubt that LASER PAIN RELIEF was the right choice for me.”  Jim

“Migraines have been part of my life for 35+ years recording 15+ episodes a month until my visits to LASER PAIN RELIEF reduced their frequency to 5 per month. For the past 6 months my quality of life has dramatically improved. The treatments were painless and easily fit into my schedule. The technology behind LASER TREATMENTS was explained in detail and a program was designed for my medical condition. It was obvious to me that the technician was committed to easing my pain. I may never be migraine free, but I credit LASER PAIN RELIEF for the reduction of my monthly episodes. I had spent 35 years trying a myriad of migraine treatments. LASER PAIN RELIEF has given me the relief that I never thought possible.”  Louise

Here's what some of our clients have to say...

"I have always been very active and involved in athletics and with that, have had on and off lower back pain for 15 years. I've been to several chiropractors and was told on more then one occasion that I may need surgery.  After a couple Class IV Laser therapy Treatments at “LASER PAIN RELIEF SARASOTA” I started to learn the secret to achieving a pain free life.  In a few sessions, my nagging lower back pain was relieved and I started actually enjoying exercise and activities again.“     Jimmy

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“I dealt with the pain for over a year... and after having a MRI, my doctor diagnosed me as having a bruised knee bone, then recommend crutches and stay off my knee for 6 weeks. Then I visited Laser Pain Relief... after 1 week and 5 treatments, all of the pain I was experiencing over the last year, was GONE! Getting me back on the Lacrosse field with my team! Thanks Laser Pain Relief!”  Tristin

“After suffering with plantar fasciitis for more than a year, I was reduced to playing volleyball just once a week and would pay a heavy price, limping for days afterwards and recover just in time to start the cycle of pain all over again.  Thankfully, I found “LASER PAIN RELIEF SARASOTA” and after approximately 10 sessions with the class IV laser the plantar fasciitis is only a bad memory.  I experienced pain relief after the very first session and found that between sessions I was able to slowly increase my general activity level with a corresponding decrease in the time spent limping around after extended volleyball playing. Thanks to the laser treatments knocking out my very stubborn plantar fasciitis I feel like my mojo is back and I'm a new person!”    Andy

“I tried “LASER PAIN RELIEF SARASOTA” to help relieve my chronic pain of my legs (IT bands, hips and knees). The pain had been present for years since hip surgery and was only dulled by pain medications. I tried Class IV Laser treatments at Laser Pain Relief of Sarasota after having moderate success with an older Class III laser about 5 years ago. I was surprised to begin to experience relief after the first session. With each session, the pain subsided and I am now pain free. It worked so well for me, that I returned for pain in my shoulder after a shoulder injury. The shoulder pain started to subside after the third treatment and resolved completely after completing the course. I highly recommend trying this treatment. “     Kelley

It's hard to be happy when you hurt.

WE UNDERSTAND PAIN. You can't sleep, you have less energy, you cant concentrate, you're less productive, you're not as dependable, and you start to rely on pain relievers and medications.

What you need to understand, and what the people below have already discovered, is that with the breakthrough LASER technology available here, allowing pain to shut you down is no longer necessary.

“Last year I was in the midst of a multi-month regime of twice weekly deep tissue massage, physical therapy, chiropractic adjustments along with a visit to an orthopedic, looking for a solution to my low back pain. My favorite sport of race walking was mostly beyond my pain tolerance. I continued the aforementioned with the addition of Class 4 laser treatment. Within a couple of weeks I was close to pain free and within another couple of weeks I was able to stop all of the other treatments with the exception of the laser every couple of weeks and once a month chiropractic adjustment." Paul

“After injuring my back boxing I naturally went to an Orthopedic Center. I was given many rounds of painful Cortisone injections and was told I may need to stay off my feet for as long as six months for it to properly heal. With a husband, 5 kids, and two businesses I laughed and left somewhat discouraged. I reached out to a few friends in the neuromuscular massage industry who told me about Class IV Laser Therapy. Without hesitation I began aggressively with two treatments a week and haven’t had an injection since. Two years later I’m still cycling, paddle boarding, and running my business and household without missing a beat. I can say with 100% certainty, Class IV Laser Therapy changed my painful life into a pain free life! As soon as I feel discomfort I schedule a treatment with “LASER PAIN RELIEF SARASOTA” and by the time I walk out the door the fire is out. My down time goes from several days to an hour tops!”      Jen

“I love being active!  Then....I injured my foot and the joints of my toes.  I tried several types of treatment:  cortisone injections, wearing a boot, and pain medication. A friend of mine recommended Laser Pain Relief. I tried it!  It worked!!  Within a week I felt 100% better.”   Donna

“I tried Class IV Laser therapy at “LASER PAIN RELIEF SARASOTA” before and after my rotator cuff surgery for three reasons: First, it just make sense that increased blood flow, oxygen and vital nutrients to an injury would speed healing …Second, the science behind it seems rock solid, and … Third, friends of mine rave about how effective it is. The proof is in the pudding:  When I have to skip treatments, I find I have more pain and decreased range of motion. Deep tissue laser therapy works!”     Clayton